Linda and Dennis Williams are promoting their healthy options at Broadway Convenience Store in Edinburgh. 

”We are putting an emphasis on health at the moment as we know that’s what people are thinking about in January,” explains Linda. “We’ve added fruit into our meal deal, for those who want fruit instead of crisps, and we’ve ensured there’s plenty of sugar free options within the soft drinks section.

“We’re also promoting our fruit loyalty card for children which enables them to get a fifth piece of fruit free when they buy a piece of fruit every day for four days. We’ve also got some offers on the yogurts and those sorts of things.

“The other thing we’ve noticed is that we’re selling a lot of protein products at the moment as people seem to be making an effort to go to the gym more and therefore they want protein aswell.

“We have 10 different types of protein bars. The Carb Killa Grenade bars are particularly popular and we sell those at a Premier promotion of £1.79 which is a very good price.”