Richard Inglis, director of Parkview Retail with three Co-Op Welcome stores around Southampton, says his American snacks and drinks can’t be found anywhere else nearby.

”We have the big 700ml cans of American drinks, like Fanta Grape and Fanta Mango. There’s also ice tea in lots of different flavours including raspberry or ginseng and honey, plus we have root beer and even a Simpsons branded energy drink. 

“They’re very different to any drinks you usually find and they really stand out on shelf because of their bright packaging. People will travel quite some distance to come to my stores just for these products. And when they come, some will buy 12 cans at a time because they want to try all the flavours.”

“It’s important to stock products that can’t be found anywhere else. We are always looking to mix up our offer and we always try new products.”

Other than this exceptional range, Richard says it’s “the usual lines” that are selling well, such as the fresh and chilled products and fruit and veg.

He adds: “Our Co-op branded fruit snack pots are very popular. People will pick them up with their sandwiches but also people will pick up the big double size pots and eat them as a lunch replacement. The mixed melon line is a very popular one.”