Scott Graham, of McLeish Inverurie, in Scotland, is working to improve his cold food-to-go section with additional shelving under the breakfast bar is opposite the chilled food-to-go.

The breakfast bar faces out the store window and Scott wants to make better use of the space under the bar and increase basket spend from shoppers on the food-to-go mission.

“On the new shelving we will bring in cereal bars, breakfast pots and other food-to-go items. We only have a small range of protein snacks at the moment so we’ll expand that range.”

Scott says he has been thinking about doing this for a while but the catalyst was a Greggs opening nearby few months ago, offering a cafe experience with plenty of seating, and this initially took some of his food-to-go customer. 

He saw sales dip slightly after the Greggs store opened but thinks they’ve already recovered but still thinks he needs to change things to keep his customers coming back.