Malcolm Crump, of Spar Compton, in Wolverhampton, says protein breakfast shakes are all the rage in his store.

“We are selling a lot of breakfast protein drinks, especially Weetabix on the Go. We went to the Spar show yesterday (7 September) and I was amazed at how many different types of protein shakes there are on the market now!”

Malcolm has also enjoyed a boost in sales as children have gone back to school.

”The summer holidays can be a hard time for us. There’s a couple of weeks in summer when everyone just seems to go on holiday so it gets really quiet. We’re not very near any schools so we’re not directly impacted by the school runs but we still do find that business is better when the holidays are over.”

Speaking of what is not so popular in store, Malcolm says news and mags is easily the slowest moving category in his store.