Peter Lamb, from Lambs Larder in East Sussex, says his shoppers are going against the health trend and opting for high sugar products. Some of his best sellers at the moment are 50p PMPs of Cadbury chocolate plus artisan pork scratchings are also winging their way off his shelves.

“In confectionery the 50p price-marked chocolate bars from Cadbury continue to be strong sellers. There’s everything in there and they’re outselling everything else in confectionery by ten to one,” he says.

“We also do well with American chocolate too. We sell the Babe Ruth bars, which were made famous through [seminal 80s movie] The Goonies. They sell like crazy, because people are coming in to relive their childhood.

“Two weeks ago we got in Serious Pig Pork Scratchings and they sold out in three days.

“They’re great because they’re cut into thin strips and seasoned with a little bit of sea salt. So, the results are really moreish and you don’t get huge lumps of fat, making them a bit healthier. It’s a lot like the crackling you get on a pork roast.”

What’s hot: “Anything sweet! It seems like with all the troubles in the world people are going for some sugar.”

What’s not: ”Some of the healthy fruit and nut bars were doing well and then just seemed to hit a wall a couple of months ago.”