Walkers, the nation’s favourite crisp brand (Nielsen, 52 week data to 18.11.17), is inviting the British public to celebrate its 70th anniversary with the launch of a multi-channel campaign, including two new TV adverts launching from 7 April for 7 weeks.

The brand is back on TV with an extended 40 second ad to thank the British public for their support over the past seven decades. The first of the two TV ad edits is written as a ‘thank you’ ode to the nation, with one line declaring: “You’re the salt to our vinegar, the prawn to our cocktail too, alright, you’re not a potato, but you inspire everything we do.” It describes how Walkers has been inspired by the quirky and evolving tastes of the British public, whilst celebrating all the little moments in life where no matter what the decade or fashion of the time, Walkers has been an integral part of people’s lives.

Rachel Holms, senior marketing director at PepsiCo, said: “Our new TV ad offers the British public an exciting look back at the last 70 years of Walkers, thanking them for the continued support that they have shown us.

”We wanted the ad to show how far the brand has come, with some fun and relatable moments along the way which have all included the nation’s favourite crisp brand.

”From trying to enjoy a BBQ in the typical British weather, to a man and his grandson enjoying a packet of Walkers together at a football match – we are proud to have been part of households across the nation for so many years.”

Celebrations began last month when the core Walkers range underwent a new design that carries the message, “Celebrating 70 years of the nation’s favourite”. In addition to this, six limited edition flavours have been rolled out - Coronation Chicken (1950s), Roast Lamb & Mint (1960s), Cheese Fondue (1970s), Chicken Tikka Masala (1980s), BBQ Rib (1990s) and Sweet Chili (2000s) – which are inspired by the nation’s favourite tastes over the decades.

The second ad, airing from 23rd April, will specifically support the roll out of the new flavours and feature the colourful packs to help raise awareness, alongside engaging digital content and in-store activation.