Vimto, the £78 million brand from Nichols plc., has invested more than £3 million in a new anti-advertising campaign ’I See Vimto In You’.

The campaign will launch on June 4 and run throughout the summer across TV, cinema, social media and digital as well as through experiential sampling and personalised Video on Demand content.

The advert starts with a voice-over asking the viewers to close their eyes. Those who do, miss the whole advert (obviously) but those who don’t are told that it is good to rebel and be different.  They are then treated to a series of scenes showing people dancing in different outfits and generally being crazy. It ends by telling the viewer to open their eyes and fades to white.

The anti-advertising approach of the campaign is designed to reposition the Vimto brand with its target audience of 15-19 year olds.

Emma Hunt, head of marketing at Nicholas plc, said: “The approach is refreshingly different, just like Vimto. We want the ‘I See Vimto in You’ campaign to be a celebration of individuality and catalyst for fun, encouraging teens to be themselves and take enjoyment from the everyday – like they do when they drink Vimto.”

The ‘I See Vimto In You’ campaign is expected to reach more than three million teens across the UK.

The TV ad will air next month during the launch of ITV2’s Love Island and will be backed by a social influencer programme, Snapchat lens and partnership with the popular social media account UNILAD.