Upbeat Drinks is launching a new range of fruit spring waters that have been enriched with protein and vitamins.

The drinks are aimed at the growing consumer desire for great tasting, healthy, low calorie and low sugar products such as ‘better for you’ juice drinks.

The new range is available in two flavours; Summer Lemon and Blueberry & Raspberry, with additional flavours in development. Each 500ml bottle is made with real fruit, 12g of premium whey protein, essential vitamins and contains less than 55 calories and no added sugar (rrp £1.79). 

Mark Neville, md and founder of Upbeat, said: “We’re excited to launch our new Upbeat drinks. Taste is so important in this market and combining expertise in juice drinks with our pioneering protein knowledge has delivered an outstanding result.

”We recognise that consumers are increasingly looking for healthy drinks that do not just offer great taste and low sugar, but also deliver ’better for you’ nutrition so people can be at their best all day. We believe this product is one of the first that strongly delivers against all of these elements whilst being at a mainstream, affordable price point.”

David Gardner, business director for Upbeat, said: “After testing the new Upbeat drink with more than 5,000 consumers, feedback was that the product looked outstanding and tasted refreshing. They were really surprised that the high protein, low sugar combination didn’t adversely impact the taste. 

“In addition, we are backing the roll-out with a £2.5 million investment plan which includes advertising, targeted digital engagement, events, PR, social, sampling, feet on the street and trade marketing. Speaking to many retailers, we know many are currently reviewing their soft drink category strategies. Within these reviews we see Upbeat as a growth lever, supporting the turnaround of the declining juice drink category.”

The smoothie now features a low sugar recipe, lower price and fresh branding. The product also contains just 85 calories per 330ml bottle (rrp £1.59).