United Biscuits has extended its cake and biscuit range for the new year.

It will be adding more chocolate to its milk and digestive chocolate digestive range as well as adding a 300g £1.85 price-marked pack. It will be launching a new McVitie’s Double Chocolate Digestive in February in a 300g pack (rrp: £1.75) as well as a McVitie’s Medley Rocky Road variant in a six x 30g bar pack (rrp: £1.75). It is also increasing its family treats range to include McVitie’s Mini Pirate Crew and Mini Jungle Friends in 155g cartons (rrp: £2.05).

It has also launched a new Go Ahead! chocolate thins forest fruits variant (rrp: £3.11). For those who prefer a savoury snack, in March UB is extending its Oddities range to include salt & vinegar, sour cream & chive and ready salted in 5 x 25g multipacks (rrp: £1.75) and 125 sharing bags (rrp: £1.42). UB is also added a new Carr’s Melts Cheese & Seed Triange variant (rrp: £1.75) which is available now.

On the cake side, it has extended its slice range with the addition of Digestive and GingerNut Slices in multipacks of five (rrp: £1.65). It has also rolled out a range of £1.49 price-marked packs of cake bars. These will be available until June 2013.

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