Barr Soft Drinks has announced it is bringing Bundaberg Brewed Drinks to the UK.

A new partnership between Barr and Bundaberg means the brewed drinks will hit independent shelves later this month.

Bundaberg is a Australian family-owned brand that has been creating craft-brewed premium non-alcoholic beverages for more than 50 years and is available in 44 countries.

The 375ml UK range features six flavours; Ginger Beer, Root Beer, Blood Orange, Lemon,Lime & Bitters, Peach and Pink Grapefruit.

John McLean, cheif executive for Bundaberg, said: “We are a proud family business and, for us, this partnership represents the beginning of a long term relationship. Together, we will focus on continuing to build our brand and its distribution in the UK and Ireland.

“Everything about Bundaberg is unique, from their premium brews to the glass ‘stubby’ bottle with the iconic rip cap. It is a fabulous addition to our portfolio and for any retailer looking to target adults, it will make an exciting addition to their soft drinks range.”

Jonathan Kemp, commercial director at Barr Soft Drinks, added: ”We are very excited to have Bundaberg Brewed Drinks on board as a partner. Their range of drinks are bang on trend as premium adult drinks are in significant growth and within this, craft is primed to take off, just as it has done in other drinks categories.”