Two Days vodka peach

Session vodka soda brand Two Days has launched its third flavour, Juicy Peach.

Two Days is designed to be a session vodka soda, crafted with a single shot of British vodka, a squeeze of natural fruit extracts and lightly sparkling water. The brand is available in a trio of flavours - Crisp Raspberry, Classic Lime and Juicy Peach - the range is sugar-free and made from all natural ingredients, with each serve coming in at less than 70 calories and 3% ABV.

Two Days founders, Elise Marks and Brendan Bennett, said: “We are so excited to launch Juicy Peach as our third flavour for the Summer and for it to be the UK’s first peach flavoured vodka soda! Peach seems to be having a real moment - from music lyrics to TikTok challenges - and together with the new branding, it’s the perfect flavour to bring people back together this Summer. Sociability is at the heart of our brand, so it was really important to launch our 4-can multipacks in time for Summer and highlight how Two Days is perfect for social occasions, grab-and-go moments and gifting.”