Natural Balance Foods is set to capitalise on shopper demand for high-protein products and the boom in better-for-you snacking with the launch of Trek Chunks – a protein-rich and healthier snack range made for grazing and eating on-the-go.

The 60g packs (RRP £1.15) of bite size-chunks, contain around 12g of protein and are made from cold-pressed, natural ingredients (dates, soya protein crunchies, gluten-free oats and raisins). The recipes provide sustained energy, are also gluten, wheat and dairy free, with no added sugar or syrups. The combination of protein, wholefood ingredients, minimal processing and free-from credentials, make them a credible, healthier alternative to traditional sugary snacks.

Says Marina Love, Natural Balance Foods marketing director, said: “There continues to be a much greater focus on the role protein plays in our diets, alongside more general interest in health and fitness. This focus has helped to pique media and hence shopper interest, with Google Trends research showing that Google searches for “protein” have increased dramatically and consumers are demanding high protein snacks to both help them remain fuller-for-longer and post workout.

“Chunks make an ideal office snack, energy boost for runners and gym-goers, or on-the-go natural, wholefood snack. We expect shoppers to buy them as an alternative to sweet chocolate bars, without feeling they will have to compromise on taste, so advise retailers to place them in typical impusle locations alongside with confectionery and snack products,” adds Love.

Trek Chunks come in three flavours – Cocoa Peanut Peak, Toffee Triumph and Cranberry Kick. All three are vegan-friendly and count as one of your 5-a-day. They are available at