Breakfast cereals and bagged snacks dominated the successful innovation in ambient grocery during 2010. The breakfast cereals market kept up its previous record of being a category offering a good source of interest and innovation, with Kellogg’s Krave in particular breaking new ground, and Kraft’s Belvita providing an interesting new option for those preferring to eat their breakfast on the move. The growing trend for the ‘Big Night In’ and larger serving sizes meant that two new snack lines in sharing packs registered strongly on our sales monitor. Heinz’s resealable pack for baked beans also seems just right for the times.

Heinz Beanz Fridge Pack

Strictly speaking, a new pack size wouldn't normally qualify as a new launch, but this is something completely different. It's a rare grocery store that doesn't already stock Heinz Beanz, but the fridge pack gave consumers a completely new option as it meant they could buy in bulk and still not have to throw anything away. A great idea for today's waste-averse times.

Kellogg's Krave

A full-on cereal aimed more at at young adults than children, Krave consists of crispy cereal shells filled with a chocolate hazelnut centre. A £4m campaign tailored to the age group targeted Twitter, Facebook, music festivals and universities. The brand name is new, but the product is actually an adaptation of Kellogg's Trésor brand in France.

Belvita Breakfast Biscuits

Biscuits for breakfast? In the world of convenience such a thing is easily possible and Kraft aimed to steal a march on the market with this interesting new hybrid.

Belvita Breakfast Biscuits initially launched in January, but the company added a 50g four-biscuit pack specifically for the convenience sector in June. The products are rich in cereals, vitamins and fibre, and should be stocked next to cereal bars, says the company.

Walkers Extra Crunchy

Does what it says on the packet: it's Walkers crisps, but with an extra crunchy delivery.Available only in sharing packs, either 150g or 100g, the brand is available in cheddar & sour cream, sweet chilli chicken, simply salted, flame-grilled steak and salt & malt vinegar varieties. The brand's advertising gave convenience stores an extra boost by putting Alkesh Patel's Londis store in Hendon on the map. From now on, it will be remembered as the place where Gary Lineker threw singer Lionel Richie through a shop window.

Kellogg's Coco Pops Choc N Roll

Intended to be a chocolate children's cereal that mums would allow, Choc N Roll is lower in salt, sugar and saturated fat than regular Coco Pops and is high in fibre, wholegrain, vitamins and minerals; all part of the wider grocery trend to making chocolate products healthier.

Kettle Ridge crisps

"Ridged for extra wallop" said the advertisements, as another successful launch into the growing sharing bag snacks sector made its mark. Designed to target the 25-40 age group, Kettle Ridge Crisps come in four flavours: flamed steak; cheese & onion; spicy chilli; and salt & malt vinegar.

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