Heinz is the most ubiquitous seller among the respondents’ c-stores, with nine in 10 citing it as a top-five brand. The second top brand, Uncle Ben’s, only claims a 39% score.

Mayur Patel says Heinz Baked Beans “continually outsells everything”, with the ‘four cans for £2’ pack currently out on top, followed by the ‘two cans for £1.35’ deal. Batchelors Cup a Soup is a strong seller, especially in the recent cold weather, but otherwise Heinz again dominates soup.

Heinz Soup marketing controller Martin Driver, says: “Heinz has a lot of history behind it, in terms of heritage and quality, and is a brand that many consumers have grown up with. This is one of many reasons why Heinz is a household favourite and continues to be popular with shoppers today.”

top-selling brands

Heinz 90%

Uncle Ben’s 39%

Tate & Lyle 27%

John West 21%

Branston 20%

Princes 18%

Batchelors 11%

Dolmio 11%

Homepride 10%

Euroshopper 5%