The enduring Coca-Cola brand is going from strength to strength, especially after an “unforgettable 2012” in which its association with the London Olympics and Paralympic Games built brand awareness, says CCE. Over the past year, Coca-Cola, Diet Cola, Coke Zero and Cherry Coke have contributed to value growth of 3% for the Coke brand in the impulse channel (Nielsen).

Red Bull edges Lucozade in the sport and energy drink sub-category, which is outperforming total soft drinks with growth of 6%, making it worth £986m in impulse alone (IRI value sales).

Ian Mitchell says Coke is his top seller, but the Euroshopper (10%) Energy Drink is snapping at its heels, he reports. Chris Pollard says Lucozade is the top seller at his store, outperforming both Coca-Cola and Red Bull.

top-selling brands

Coca-Cola 99%

Red Bull 59%

Lucozade 55%

Pepsi Cola 44%

Dr Pepper 36%

Fanta 32%

Monster 21%

Evian 18%

7up 15%

Volvic 13%