Whiskas and Pedigree are pet owners’ favourites in c-stores, but brands such as Felix, Butchers and Bakers are selling well in Amit Patel’s store as they’re considered better value by his customers, he says. In Ian Mitchell’s store, Pedigree and Whiskas lead the way, but the Euroshopper dog food range also sells well, he points out.

Mars Petcare, which owns the Whiskas and Pedigree brands, says 42% of convenience shoppers own a cat or dog, so the petfood market offers a great opportunity to drive sales.

In a bid to ensure dog owners are feeding their canines properly, 2012 saw Pedigree launch a campaign to drive up consumer awareness of the important health benefits of feeding their dogs a complete balanced diet.

top-selling brands

Whiskas 80%

Pedigree 76%

Felix 64%

Butchers 41%

Bakers 33%

Go-cat 32%

Winalot 26%

Cesars 8%

Chappie 7%

Bounce 3%