No one brand dominates dairy, with nearly half of respondents citing Cathedral City as a top-five seller. Paul Cheema of Malcolm’s Stores, Coventry, says Cathedral City cheese, Müller Light yogurts and Clover butter are his top sellers, depending on the promotions around. “Cathedral City is to introduce a Smooth Cheddar promo, so that’ll probably be the top seller. When not on promotion, products decline a bit.” He adds that Müller Light Turkish Delight variant is “flying”.

Cathedral City is now worth more than £250m (Nielsen January 5, 2013) and is bought by more than one in two households. It says a combination of NPD and consumer communication has led to the success.

Philadelphia is driving growth of the soft white cheese sector, with value growth of 16% in 2012 (Nielsen), says Mondēlez International.

top-selling brands

Cathedral City 47%

Flora 41%

I Can’t Believe 35%

Müller 33%

Clover 27%

Dairylea 23%

Philadelphia 22%

Lurpak 19%

Anchor 15%

Yazoo 4%