Kingsmill pushes Warburtons into second place in the research, with Hovis coming in third.

Saki Ghafoor of Nisa Gateshead says Kingsmill and Warburtons are the biggest brands in his store, but any product promoted at £1 will sell the most. Kingsmill medium sliced at £1 is currently his best seller.

Allied Bakeries says “constantly innovating” the Kingsmill range is the key to the brand’s success. “Not only does this mean consumers get the products they need, but it also allows retailers to grow sales,” adds Allied Bakeries category director Guy Shepherd.

Within the bread category as a whole, white bread is the biggest sector and remains vital to convenience stores, says Warbutons category strategy controller Martin Baptie. But Half & Half is the fastest-growing sector, driven by the trend for health and nutrition.

top-selling brands

Kingsmill 70%

Warburtons 54%

Hovis 30%

Roberts Bakery 7%

Allinson 6%

Brace’s 5%

Nisa bread 3%

Sunblest 2%

Mothers Pride 1%

Spar bread 1%