McVitie’s dominates the top five, although pricemarked Maryland Cookies is the top seller for Amit Patel. He adds that a number of his customers have switched from McVitie’s Digestives to Hob Nobs for health reasons, “because they’re becoming more conscious of what they’re eating”.

McVitie’s is currently worth £259.7m, with Digestives accounting for £37.9m. UBUK shopper marketing controller Hena Chandarana says biscuits are still seen as inexpensive treats in the economic downturn, even though shoppers are continuing to spend carefully. “With this cautious consumer purchasing behaviour in mind, consumers are increasingly seeking reassurance from brands they can trust, and McVitie’s is perfectly placed to deliver this through its portfolio of top-selling biscuits,” she adds.

top-selling brands

McVitie’s Digestives 87%

Maryland 51%

McVitie’s Hob Nobs 45%

McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes 45%

Fox’s Creams 39%

Cadbury Biscuits 37%

Rich Tea 28%

Kit Kat 25%

Crawford’s 11%

Nisa biscuits 7%