In terms of sales, Walkers dominates, followed closely by Doritos. But less than half of respondents cited the chasing pack as top-sellers, with the third best brand Monster Munch only taking 41% of the vote.

Simon Biddle says Walkers ready salted and cheese & onion are is his top sellers. “Walkers is an established brand and advertises the most,” he adds. Amit Patel of Belvedere Food and Wine in Kent says his top seller is the Doritos £1 pricemarked grab-bags, mainly due to perceptions of value for money, “although Walkers cheese & onion is still strong”.

However, he adds that Walkers is beginning to lose market share to Kettle (5%). “People think they’re getting a better crisp for less money,” he says.

Walkers is currently worth £113m in impulse, says brand owner PepsiCo.

top-selling brands

Walkers Crisps 100%

Doritos 84%

Monster Munch 41%

Pringles 41%

Quavers 33%

McCoy’s 31%

Wotsits 29%

Mini Cheddars 22%

Hula Hoops 20%

KP Nuts 10%