Thailand’s favourite hot beverage brand Gingen is to launch in UK.

Distributed by Eurostar Commodities, Gingen is a zero calorie hot drink imported directly from Thailand. There are no preservatives or artificial colourings and it is 100% natural with zero calories.

Philip Bull, managing director of Eurostar commodities, said: “I am delighted to bring a product to the UK market that I have been enjoying myself for years. It is a delicious natural drink which consistently out-performs any competition. It is linked to many health benefits and is conveniently packaged for home or work. We are going to give Gingen the success and recognition it deserves in the UK. Indeed many people already know about Gingen and we are very proud to be able to offer it within our portfolio.”

There are many health benefits associated with ginger tea style drinks including aiding digestion, alleviation of nausea, anti-inflammatory effects, boosting immunity and anti-bacterial properties.

The launch takes advantage of ginger drink’s increasing market trend. Internet giant Google reports a 30% increase every year since 2014 for searches related to ginger tea drinks.

Gingen is available in three varieties in an instant powdered sachet to drink hot or cold available in boxes of 12 sachets; Strong Ginger Formula, Ginger with Honey and 100% Ginger.