Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla is the newest addition to the Tanqueray portfolio, made with Seville oranges.

Available from April (41.3% ABV, RRP £25), the new blend is made with Seville oranges and pays homage to Tanqueray’s roots, when founder Charles Tanqueray used the world-famous citrus fruit in his original 1830s recipes.

The gin profile is sweet and tangy with tangerine notes and hints of juniper and coriander, which makes for the perfect summer twist on classic serves.

Anita Robinson, Europe category director for Gin, said: “Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla is something really new for the world of gin and reflects our love of innovating with flavour. We’ve matched the quality of 200 years of Tanqueray heritage with a fresh new flavour that captures the spirit of Seville in a perfectly balanced gin. The result is incredibly exciting and we’re sure that bartenders everywhere will enjoy bringing a little bit of Seville into their customers’ lives this summer.”