Takis Fuego volcano

Mexican snack brand Takis has received its first long-term UK listing and will be available in over 600 Co-op stores nationwide from 28 February.

Takis will be available to buy from Co-op stores in two SKUs: Fuego and Volcano (rrp: £2).

Head of Takis in the UK, Alison Georgakis, said: “Our spicy rolled tortilla chips have been kicking up a storm in the UK. When we launched last year, Takis filled a gap in the market for high-intensity flavour and consumers can’t enough of them.

“Snacks are growing at a rate of +13.9% value sales year-on-year and Takis sales over-index on distribution. This is a huge opportunity for retailers. Takis is a product ripe for the Gen Z market; the super-snacking generation who are on the hunt for foods that stimulate their senses.

“This move marks the beginning of a bold distribution strategy for Takis. Expect to see listings expand significantly throughout the year, heating up the category and bringing some intensity to snacking aisles up and down the country. Shoppers will see Takis loud and proud in their local shops, and will be able to get a taste of what consumers around the world are shouting about.”