Supermalt, the malt based, non-alcoholic drinks brand, is launching a new ‘sleek’ can.

Offering a more sophisticated, convenient and modern format for consumers, Supermalt’s new 330ml can retains the same red packaging and logo as the rest of the range, which includes a 500ml can and 330ml bottle.

The product is intended to help retailers tap into the premium non-alcoholic beverage market. The new ‘sleek’ can is designed to appeal to consumers looking for an on the go drink.

Supermalt contains sweet malt with caramel and liquorice, as well as added vitamin B.

Neil Lunn, UK trade marketing manager at Supermalt said: We’re delighted to be introducing Supermalt in a new sleek can variety for the trade. Responding to the needs of our customers, who for many, variety is key, the 330ml sleek can delivers the same great taste and iconic branding of Supermalt, their favourite malt based, non-alcoholic beverage, but in contemporary new packaging.

“With a growing demand for premium canned drinks in a retail environment, the new Supermalt sleek can is able to bring diversity and eye-catching design to the already highly competitive drinks chillers, found in many shops.”