Premium juice producer Sunmagic is launching its first ever range of functional smoothies as it taps further into the growing consumer trend for healthy soft drinks.

Each smoothie (rrp £2.39) combines one whole portion of vegetables and one whole portion of fruit. The smoothies therefore contain less sugar than traditional smoothies, due to their vegetable content.

The three-strong range comprises: ‘Antioxidant’ apple, red beet and carrot (vitamins A, C and E ); ‘Immunity’ carrot, mango and ginger (echinacea and vitamin C) and ‘Energise’ apple, kale and kelp (magnesium, vitamins C and B complex).

Sunmagic’s brand manager Razin Ali said: “Consumers are increasingly on the look-out for premium soft drinks which deliver on taste but which also contain added health benefits, such as lower sugar and added vitamins and minerals. Within this, we have also witnessed the start of a new trend for smooties which blend both vegetables and fruit.”

Sunmagic has recently won new listings with One Stop, Roadchef, Millies Cookies, The Pasty Shop, Whistlestop, Selecta, and Krispy Kreme.