UBUK has added several extensions to its savoury snacking ranges.
New to KP Nuts is a 100% baked variant called Baked & Seasoned.
The nuts come in three variants: thai sweet chilli, sea salt & black pepper and lime & coriander.
All variants are available in 160g bags with a rrp of £1.35. Thai sweet chilli is also available in 50g packs priced at 65p.
Merchandising fixtures are available for retailers
and the KP Nuts range will receive more than £2m in marketing support this year.
For McCoy's, UBUK will be adding a limited edition
in February, McCoy's Takeaways.
McCoy's Takeaways come in three flavours: southern fried chicken wings, chicken curry, and Chinese sweet & sour ribs. They are all available in multipacks, with chicken curry available in a handy pack.
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