Scottish oats company, Stoats, has announced the launch of two new product ranges with the release of their new Porridge Sachets and Rustic Scottish Oat Muesli.

The new Porridge Sachets will be available in four different flavours; Original, Multigrain, Cranachan and Hedgerow. The new Rustic Scottish Oat Muesli will be available in two flavours; Triple Berry and Hedgerow.

These offerings from Stoats are in response to customer demand following a survey of Stoats customers which revealed 42.4% of consumers would like to see a muesli offering from Stoats and 38.5% would like Stoats Porridge available in sachets.

Stoats managing director Tony Stone said: “At Stoats we continue to invigorate the porridge category with new products and we’ve been listening to what our customers want, which has led to the development and launch of our new sachets and muesli. We’re excited to get the products in front of consumers, from our sweet and tangy Triple Berry muesli to our Hedgerow flavours, which are like taking a mouthful of the Scottish countryside, the flavours are exceptional.

“The new sachets offer consumers a convenient range with a variety of flavours. The Original Porridge Sachet provides a simpler option for consumers looking for a base that is versatile to eat on its own or with their preferred toppings while the Multigrain Porridge Sachet allows consumers to enjoy a nutritious breakfast in minutes and taps into the ancient grains trend we’re seeing emerge in 2016. As with all our products the two mueslis are made with the best natural ingredients, something our consumers also love with 53.1% of those surveyed stating that this was the most important feature for them when choosing breakfast products.”

Stoats Porridge Sachets and Rustic Scottish Oat Muesli are now available to purchase on, Amazon and through UK wholesalers, including Hider Food. Further rollout is planned across UK retailers throughout 2016.

Original Porridge Sachets 40g (x6) and Multigrain Porridge Sachets 40g (x6) are available at an RRP of £2.39. Cranachan Porridge Sachets 40g (x5) and Hedgerow Fruit Porridge Sachets 40g (x5) are available at an RRP of £2.99.

Triple Berry Rustic Scottish Oat Muesli 500g and Hedgerow Rustic Scottish Oat Muesli 500g are available at an RRP of £3.99.

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