Mars Chocolate and Wrigley UK is introducing a ‘candy-like experience’ with the launch of three Starburst chewing gum products.

Available from 26 February, Starburst Fruity Mixies, Starburst Strawberry Cubes and Starburst Red Berry Sticks offer a sugarfree treat which bridges the gap between gum and candy.

Consumer research from Mars Chocolate and Wrigley UK has highlighted that over the last 10 years the gum category has seen a 20% decline in penetration from the younger generation, the launch is set to appeal to 15-24 year olds, where fruit gum significantly over indexes (TGI Sourcing 2016).

Projected to grow gum penetration by 3% (Wrigley Nielsen Headspace Research 2016), the range comprises of Mini fruity mixies, Cubes and Sticks.

Fruity Mixies features three popular flavours; strawberry, apple and bubblegum, available in a x24 small pack, a x48 handybox and x100 bottle (rrp 49p, £1 and £2).

Starburst Red Berry Sticks (x5, rrp 49p) and Starburst Strawberry Cubes (x30, rrp £2) are available in strawberry and red berry flavours.

Alyona Fedorchenko, marketing director at Mars Chocolate and Wrigley UK, said: “Research tells us there is a huge opportunity to grow gum penetration by introducing a ‘candy-like experience’, and that Starburst is the brand to lead this with. Already over indexing with 15-24 year olds, Starburst is an established brand which resonates with consumers and we hope this new innovation will successfully deliver the sugarfree confectionery solution that UK shoppers desire.”