Spare Snacks is reformulating and rebranding its snack portfolio, which is made using unwanted fruit and vegetables

This month, Spare is adding a beetroot variant to its range of pure crisps alongside the launch of a new seasoned crisps range, which includes: pear & ginger; apple & cinnamon; and beetroot & apple cider vinegar flavours.

All of the new lines carry an rrp of £1.10 per 22g bag and are air-dried instead of fried. Spare also only uses fruit and veg that is going spare – wonky, misshapen or otherwise surplus.

Spare Snacks are all under 77 calories per bag and are vegan, gluten free and high in fibre. The range is available now to Co-op supplied retailers.

Ben Whitehead, founder of Spare Snacks, said: “Since day one we’ve been all about creating the highest quality snacks that make people smile, using what we have, not wasting a thing and thinking responsibly about health and our impact. We’re on the side of the people.

“We’re helping farmers, consumers and the environment, taking the time to do things in a better way. We call things as they are and help snackers make better decisions without compromise. Our punchy new range is aimed to ap-peel to a broader cross section of healthy foodies who believe in our mission to waste not, want lots!”

Roger Grosvenor, joint chief executive at the East of England Co-op, added: “We’re very happy to be stocking Spare Snacks products as a new and exciting healthy snacking option in our stores. We’ve been particularly impressed with how they transform unloved wonky fruit and veg in to something new and delicious, which are selling beyond our expectations in stores!”