South Devon Chilli Farm is offering consumers a twist on the UK’s favourite condiment, with the launch of its chilli ketchup range.

Available in cool jalapeño; smoky chipotle; and hot habanero flavours, the products are made in small batches and contain 186g of tomatoes per 100g.

The range is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and celiacs. All variants contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives and are available to convenience stores now (rrp £3.50 per 280g glass bottle).

Kaz Lobendhan, trade director for South Devon Chilli Farm, explained: “In response to growing consumer demand for spicy food, the range was developed to provide a ketchup range for all types of chilli lovers.

“For those that like a tickle of heat on their taste-buds, the mild jalapeño ketchup fits the bill, for those looking for a rich depth of flavour with an exciting kick, the smoky chipotle ketchup is a fantastic match and those after more heat, balanced with a subtle fruity quality, the hot habanero ketchup is perfect.”

The South Devon Chilli Farm’s smoky chipotle ketchup is also available in a catering size format (rrp £12.40 per 2.5 ltr pourable container).