Smoore 2.0

Smoore International has launched FEELM 2.0, a new disposable vape solution that offers 1,000 puffs compliantly.

The new FEELM 2.0 has been created by Smoore through the development of e-liquid and energy utilisation technologies, which fully complies with the UK regulations as it works off of 2mg e-liquid volume, the regulatory limit in the UK. The new product also comes with a transparent tank so that consumers can monitor their usage.

Strategy director at Smoore, Rex Zhang, said: “FEELM2.0 is to disposable vapes what electric cars are to diesel ones – you get a lot more from the ‘tank’ for your money at a time when inflation year on year has been 6.7%. It also means that law-abiding retailers can now fight back against rogue traders selling illicit higher puff counts based on e-liquid volumes in excess of the regulations.

“We want to reassure vapers and retailers alike that innovations like FEELM 2.0 represent the future of the category and herald a new era of ‘utmost compliance’ where only the highest standards of product quality and safety will do. Our latest product is designed to give vapers, or smokers looking to switch, complete confidence that they are not being ripped off, best value for money when times are hard, and ultimately a great product experience.”

UK business director at Smoore, Thalia Cheng, added: “We’re the first company to invest into the R&D of e-liquid utilisation, which enables the doubling of puffs, thereby effectively halving the cost of use. We are ushering in a new generation of disposable vapes - the disposable 2.0. New disposable vapes that are higher value with more puffs and more consistent flavours throughout the life of the vape.

“In addition, the doubling in lifespan of product use; the smaller battery which uses 30% less lithium than the standard size; and low nicotine residue left in the device when disposed of will help to significantly reduce the impact of single use vapes on the environment.”