Sharp’s Brewery has announced the launch of new brand, Offshore, a fresh identity for the brewery’s award-winning Cornish Pilsner.

The re-branded pilsner (4.8% ABV) is available to the off-trade in a 330ml can. 

Inspired by those rare moments when the wind goes offshore, creating perfect waves off the North Cornwall coast, Offshore provides a perfectly blended balance of tropical fruit with a crisp, clean taste and a brisk, citrus finish. Offshore has been brewed using a pale Pilsner malt, creating a refreshing flavour and herbal lemon aroma.

In order to make Offshore more accessible to a wider range of drinkers, the ABV has been set at 4.8%. The Sharp’s brewing team has worked hard to ensure the unique, refreshing taste of Cornish Pilsner remains the same.

James Nicholls, senior brand manager at Sharp’s Brewery, said: “Offshore is the result of our ongoing product development and innovation pipeline here in Rock. Cornish Pilsner was popular amongst Sharp’s drinkers so we wanted to retain the much-loved taste but refresh the brand to bring it in line with the rest of the Sharp’s family. This re-launched Pilsner is continually recipe-matched and taste-matched using the same ingredients to ensure we provide the same great flavour profile and consistency.”