Rollagranola has stepped up to the bowl in the aim to offer a well-balanced breakfast made from only natural ingredients.

The Rollagranola range (rrp £4.90 per 300g-350g pouch) boasts fruit, nut and seed granola combinations, all with no additives or artificial sugars. Each 40g serving comes in at under 200 calories.

Founder Robin Longden said: “It was clear that in the drive to make food cheaper manufacturers had taken out the most nutritious ingredients - nuts, fruit and seeds, and replaced these with sugar, fats and cereals.

“Our granola is made with products you recognise on the label – packed full of natural protein, and no additives. Anyone looking for clear unambiguous claims about food ingredients will not be disappointed.”

Rollagranola is available in 11 varieties, Healthy Hazelnut, Zesty Caveman, Cool Raspberry, Caveman’s Dream - gluten free and suitable for a Paleo diet, Energise, Nuts for Chocolate, Skinny Walnut, Awesome Almond, Pecan and Maple Twist.

Rollagranola is available now from: