Robinsons is piloting a new home delivery service ‘Fruit Drop’ to help families #EnjoyMoreWater.

The new service is being brought into place after research found 85% of UK adults drink less than the recommended eight glasses of fluid (BNF eight glasses guidelines) and 72% of 5-12 year olds don’t drink the recommended intakes of fluid (Natural Hydration Council).

A month long supply of the diluting fruit squash is being delivered straight to homes every month, with a range of flavours to try.

Robinsons says research has shown that 49% of the parents notice a positive change in their child’s behaviour if they’re drinking enough fluid, including more energy (30%), concentration (29%), motivation (21%) and ability to engage (19%).

GB Marketing Director for Britvic, Kevin McNair, remarks: “At Robinsons, we’re always encouraging families to drink more water. This research shows the very real benefits of staying hydrated and of parents leading by example with healthy hydration habits. 61% of parents say it is easier to get their child to drink water when it is mixed with squash, and so we hope the launch of ‘Fruit Drop’ inspires families to enjoy more water.”

The service will initially be trialled via the Mumsnet, the UK’s largest network for parents. To find out more go to