Ritz Bakery is launching new a new range of cracker snacks called Ritz Bakefuls.

Available from 26 September, in Cream Cheese & Onion and Sea Salt & Vinegar variants, new Ritz Bakefuls (rrp £1.65 per multipack of 5x23g bags) are a crispy, baked, lighter snack with 30% less fat.

Bakefuls offer the flavour of Ritz Crisp & Thins but in bite size crispy crackers.

Ritz Bakefuls will be supported by strong in-store investment between October and December and Ritz will also be back on air, this time with a £1.5m ATL spend.

Sandra Ferreira, senior brand manager for Ritz, said: “We’re excited to launch another NPD from the Ritz Bakery. Bakefuls are packed with punchy flavour and baked to golden deliciousness making them only 109 calories per pack and a perfect to answer the trend for tasty products that are better for you . In testing the purchase intent was in the top 20% of all NPD, which is the among the highest that Nielsen has ever tested, and scored outstanding on taste by 78% of shoppers . Given the success we’ve seen with Ritz Crisp & Thin, especially on the key metric, which is incrementality to the category, we are confident that Ritz BAKEfuls will also help retailers drive incremental sales in healthier crisps and snacks.”

Research shows that shifts in eating patterns, time pressures and increased health and wellbeing concerns are fueling a change in consumption habits across the globe and this has resulted in growth in the healthier crisps and snacks category in the UK .