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In celebration of its 200th year, Cadbury is launching ‘The Great Retail Ideas Exchange’ where retailers are invited to share their best business tips with their peers by entering a competition to win cash prizes totalling £25,000. 

Any retailer who shares an idea via a specially created form on, Mondelez’s trade-focused advice and information site – will be entered into a competition to win a cash prize. The best idea put forward will win the top prize of £5,000, while the 10 next best ideas will win £1,000 each. All other ideas will be entered into a final random prize draw, which will see 20 further prizes of £500 given to 20 additional winners who have put forward ideas.

Since John Cadbury opened a grocer’s shop in Birmingham in 1824, Cadbury has had a long history of working with the trade and helping businesses to share their great retailing ideas. This includes education on display, stock rotation and book-keeping, for the mutual benefit of the industry. The new competition takes inspiration from this heritage and looks to champion the fantastic wealth of insight that retailers have and can share. The ideas will be judged by a panel of industry experts and chaired by an independent judge, who together will select the winners. 

To kick off the campaign, some leading retailers have already started sharing their ideas.

Avtar Sidhu of St Johns Budgens in Warwickshire said: “Strategically merchandise your store to spread the hotspots around – milk, bread, our COOK concession, alcohol. People dwell at these places, so spread them out and get shoppers to walk the store, make the journey work. Understand that journey and how you can maximise that.”

Nishi Patel of Londis Bexley in Dartford, Kent, said: “Delist products a lot. Every 2/3 months, do a review of certain areas to make the space you have work better. If something doesn’t sell, get rid and put something that will sell in its place.”

Suki Athwal of Shop Around The Clock in Tenterden, Kent, said: “Make sure you’re posting something on social media every day. You might not have time to do it every day, or they forget. We’re busy. When you do get five minutes, get it all scheduled for the week. It means your stuff is going out even when you’re not doing it at that moment.”

Sue Nithyanandan, of Costcutter Epsom in Surrey, added: “We get a report periodically from Google, which tells us what people are looking for in relation to our store. This is invaluable – it allows us to make changes and work out what people are actually searching for, without them telling us”.

To enter the prize draw and submit their ideas to the Cadbury Great Retail Ideas Exchange, retailers need to go to the specially created form on Cadbury’s Snack Display website