A new range of porridge pots called Quoats offer a mix of quinoa, oats and flax.

Jen Kent and partner Rob Barker are the founders of the products. In 2015, they were living in London and Jen could not find a healthy breakfast on-the-go that would keep her fuelled throughout the day so she and Rob, a Yorkshire farmer, developed Quoats.

According to Mintel, 96% of adults eat breakfast on a daily basis and 58% of people try to eat healthily all or most of the time. The value of the porridge segment increased by 87% between 2009 and 2014. 

The quinoa, oats and flax used in the products are all sourced from British farms. Quinoa is a complete source of protein, while oats contain beta glucan, proven to help maintain normal blood cholesterol levels - and flax is a source of omega-3.

The range includes three flavours: Original, Coconut and Raspberry and Date and Pecan. Add boiling water to the pot, stir and in three minutes it is ready to eat.

Jen said: “Rob and I are very active people and have a keen interest in outdoor sports and healthy eating. I have been inspired by super food enthusiasts such as Hemsley and Hemsley - and super foods and high protein grains and seeds such as flax, quinoa and oats have a large presence in my daily diet. Rob and I both have farming links - I am a dairy farmer’s daughter from Shropshire and Rob farms in Yorkshire with his parents as well as working as a crop consultant. We actively visited, networked and hand picked our farmers to source our British quinoa, oats and flax from.”

All pots come in 60g portions with a suggested retail price of £2.00 per pot.

Each pot has a shelf life of 6 months. Buy in boxes of 12 for £24.00. Purchase online at www.quoats.co.uk