Juice Burst Apple Attached Cap

Purity Soft Drinks has introduced attached caps across its entire Juice Burst range, making the packaging 100% recyclable.

The introduction of attached caps across all Juice Burst SKUs aims to make it easier for consumers to recycle the products more effectively, reducing the frequency of bottle caps being discarded or littered and helping to ensure they are captured and recycled with the rest of the packaging.

The attached caps will also see the removal of foil seals from all Juice Burst bottles, reducing foil packaging waste by 10 tonnes annually.

Purity Soft Drinks has invested significantly in testing, development and new factory equipment to deliver this packaging update.

Research commissioned by Purity Soft Drinks, survey of 1,500 UK consumers, 2023

According to research commissioned by Purity Soft Drinks, sustainability is identified as one of the most crucial factors when choosing a soft drink or juice.

The latest updates aim to ensure the sustainability of its brands for years to come.

The new caps were well received during national testing trials, with consumers finding that the classic Juice Burst wide mouth design kept the attached cap from being an interference and ensured an easy to drink and close experience.

Attached caps are an EU requirement from this month, and whilst the recycling innovation has already been experienced within the UK in a small way, from this summer onwards many UK consumers will experience attached caps when traveling in Europe.

Sarah Baldwin chief executive of Purity Soft Drinks Ltd commented: “We are always looking at ways to improve our manufacturing processes, especially when there are opportunities to future-proof our brands by enhancing their health and sustainability credentials and strengthening the consumer experience, and the introduction of attached caps across the Juice Burst range is the latest milestone in this sustainability journey.

“With the implementation of attached caps becoming mandatory across the EU this year, this opens up the potential for the UK to bring in similar legislation and, we’re proud to be ahead of the curve – especially when we can deliver positive impact. The soft drinks industry, generally, has a strong track record of this.”