One of the largest pie and pasty manufacturers in the UK has launched a new range of premium products.

The Lewis Pies and Pasty Company has launched the new Wilfred’s range produced with an emphasis on high quality and locally sourced ingredients from Welsh suppliers. The range also showcases the attention to detail put into the new range with hand finished foods by bakers with extensive experience in the bakery industry.

Products in the Wilfred’s range include Welsh specialty ingredients and each has a unique name to reflect this. There’s The Saucy Cow with Welsh beef steak; The Fiery Chick with Collier’s powerful Welsh cheddar; The Lamb of my Fathers with Welsh lamb and local laver bread; The Clucking Valleys; The Steak and Tatws and The Gower Cwtch.

Wilf Lewis, commercial director said: “We are really proud to be launching a new product range which is very different to anything we have done before in terms of the clientele we are aiming to target. We are committed to taking a proactive approach to researching the food market and exploring new business avenues to ensure we are always able to provide something new and relevant to what customers and suppliers want.

“We have recognised a gap in the market for traditional and hearty products that cater to the more prestigious consumer and corporate entities, which is why we have introduced the Wilfred’s range. We have organised many different marketing approaches such as giveaways to local businesses for the launch of Wilfred’s, and we look forward to seeing how the new products will be received.”