Port Royal, the UK’s best-selling Jamaican patties, has paired up with Encona, the UK’s number one hot pepper sauce brand (IRI UK Table Sauces 06/01/18), to launch three new premium patties with added hot sauce.

The new patties are 10g heavier than the current range with an even flakier pastry crust, and more filling.

The beef and vegetarian patties have an added extra kick with Encona’s classic Hot Pepper sauce, and the chicken patty has a big dash of Jamaican Jerk BBQ sauce.

The new varieties (rrp £1.10) will be available in the chilled section alongside the rest of the range.

Founder and MD of Port Royal, Edward Johnston, said: “Authenticity is extremely important to us at Port Royal. We are always looking at how we can improve and deliver classic yet exciting new experiences for our customers. With Encona sauces, another well-known Caribbean brand, we have the perfect partner for our new premium patties.”