PG tips, the UK’s number one tea brand (Nielsen Jan 2018), has revealed two new variants: The Tasty Decaf and Perfect With Dairy Free, to cater to consumers following a decaf or dairy-free diet.

Available now, the launch is supported by a £3m marketing investment, including a new TV ad campaign.

Research conducted by PG tips found that tea drinkers across the UK were struggling to find great-tasting tea products that complemented specialist diets.

Decaffeination can cause a breakdown to compounds that carry the depth of flavour in tea, this can often leave the resulting tea tasting weaker when compared to regular tea. The Tasty Decaf contains a natural flavour inspired by PG tips tea gardens in Kenya to give a rich, fresh and rounded taste, with less than 0.2% caffeine.

The addition of dairy-free alternatives can often overpower the natural taste of tea and in some cases, leave the tea tasting a little bitter. Perfect with Dairy-Free has been crafted to complement dairy-free alternatives.

Noel Clarke, vice president for Refreshments at Unilever UK and Ireland, said: “Tea is a really exciting and on-trend category right now, and when we talk to our PG tips fans we see that the way that they want to drink their tea is evolving. That’s why we have chosen to bring out our great-tasting new decaf PG tips - designed to give you all the taste of a great cup of PG tips, but without the caffeine. With taste at the heart of why Brits have loved PG tips for years, we also wanted to give those consumers who are changing their diet a great cup of tea that tastes just as good with dairy free alternatives – put simply, the new Perfect With Dairy Free.”

Aligning with original PG tips branding, the two new variants clearly outline the difference in types of brews. The Tasty Decaf features a blue hint to its packaging, differentiating it from the original line-up, whilst Perfect with Dairy-Free details a distinct dairy-free alternative liquid design, enabling its key claims.

PG Tips The Tasty Decaf and Perfect with Dairy-Free have an RRP £2.60.