PG tips is expanding its Green and Fruit & Herbal ranges with seven new flavours.

Available from March 7, the new Green tea flavours include Green Tea Strawberry Cupcake, Green Tea Lemon Pie, and Green Tea Orange, while the new Fruit and Herbal flavours comprise of Apple & Cinnamon, Honey & Lemon Balm, Pear & Caramel and Cool Citrus.

PG tips has grown its Fruit, Herbal and Green tea sales by over 64% in the past 12 months and, with its latest launch, the brand aims to build on this success by tapping into the increased consumer demand for new and experimental flavours at an accessible price point.

PG tips Fruit, Herbal and Green brand manager Lola Danlos said: “By launching new and exciting flavours into our portfolio we aim to build on the growth we’ve seen in across our range of Fruit, Herbal and Green teas in 2014 and 2015, and attract even more new consumers to the category.”

The launch follows the introduction of a new Speciality Teas range for PG tips in August 2015, comprising of Earl Grey, English Breakfast and Assam.

The flavour descriptions for the new teas (rrp £1.39) are below:

Green Tea Strawberry Cupcake - Indulge with this smooth green tea inspired by a juicy sweet, strawberry cupcake.

Green Tea Lemon Pie – A sharp taste combined with sweetness makes this lemon pie flavour tea brim over with personali-tea.

Green Tea Orange – This vibrant orange flavour green tea creates a tangy-tasting brew.

Apple & Cinnamon - Apple and cinnamon flavour tea creates a warm and welcoming cuppa. This herbal infusion is caffeine-free.

Honey & Lemon Balm – A naturally caffeine-free, honey and lemon tea balm flavour infusion.

Cool Citrus - A blend of orange, lemon, and grapefruit flavours.

Pear & Caramel – A warm caramelised pear flavour, caffeine-free tea