Confectioner Perfetti Van Melle has introduced a range of £1 pricemarked sharing packs.

Available on Fruittella, Mentos and Klene brands, the pricemarked grab bags aim to reassure consumers of a low price guarantee and allow retailers to predict profit margins and maximise sales through the increased demand, claims Perfetti.

“Sharing bags account for 55% of the sugar confectionery sector, and are particularly popular during the summer as consumers look for bigger treats for parties and barbecues as well as travel and holidays,” says trade marketing manager Mark Roberts.

“With nearly two-thirds of shoppers buying on impulse in stores, price marked packs can help to encourage more of these purchases as well as building trust with customers. Retailers should therefore ensure they are stocking the new packs prominently so they can make the most of this sales opportunity.”

The full range of £1 pricemarked packs includes:

o Fruittella Duo Stix

o Fruittella Summer Fruits

o Fruittella Juicy Chews

o Mentos Mint

o Mentos Fruit

o Klene Soft Eating Liquorice