Partners for Growth, Unilever’s unbiased category advice programme for small store retailers, is adding a new seasonal calendar to its website.

The seasonal calendar highlights what key events to look out for each season and how to maximise the opportunities these present in-store. Working closely with its retailer advisory panel which is made up of seven award-winning retailers, the calendar also includes wholesaler promotions and handy checklists in the lead up to key events like Christmas and Easter whilst focusing on the key categories which are at their peak during those periods. Whether it’s cross-category merchandising, themed fixtures or community led activities, the calendar aims to become a retailer’s ‘helpful go-to guide’ to increase sales in-store.

Partners for Growth is Unilever’s award-winning category advice programme for small store convenience retailers. Based on free independent and unbiased advice it has proven it can benefit its participating retail partners improve their total store sales by up to 42%.

Insight into category management is backed by Unilever’s expertise in eight categories, with tips and planograms for different-sized stores in different areas of affluence. Its research into shopper needs and behaviour has also led to the development of ‘perfect store’ layouts to increase sales by better understanding ‘shopper missions’. Over £3m worth of sales are lost every day simply because shoppers can’t find what they want in store. Partners for Growth helps smaller retailers get the most from these missed opportunities.

Partners for Growth’s website can be found at