Fuel10k has made another major break from traditional breakfast formats with the launch of three Peanut Butters in easy, squeezy resealable on-the-go pouches.

Available from early February, Fuel’s new 225g pouches (rrp £2.39) will leap into the UK’s rapidly expanding £100m nut butter category, which has grown by 138% over the last three years (IRI October 2017).

The new convenient resealable pouches deliver a great source of protein with no palm oil and two in the range have no added sugar. The roasted peanut butter pouches come in three flavours; a smooth version made with 99.5% Roasted Peanuts; a Crunchy Superseed option with Sunflower and Chia Seeds; and a Chocolate flavour made with Cocoa Powder and Coconut Sugar. 

Fuel10K’s own research has found that of the 750 respondents 614 use peanut butter – with a 1/3 admitting to being ‘heavy’ users.

Barney Mauleverer, co-founder of Fuel10k, said: “We want to give these peanut butter lovers a new, more convenient way to consume their favourite morning spread. Usage of nut butters are evolving and are now used in smoothies, on porridge, with fruit, on pancakes as well as on good old toast. FUEL10K peanut butters deliver clean morning energy that is convenient when eaten at home or on the go and we believe we have a clear role to play for the health-conscious Gen X and Millennials.

“The easy to use, no mess pouches mean no more scraping the bottom of the jar. Just squeeze and pour over your favourite breakfast or snack. The Peanut Butter Pouches can be enjoyed on the go, whenever a great tasting snack full of nature’s natural energy is needed.”