Nomo Crispy Mo

A children’s chocolate treat is the latest addition to the Nomo free from portfolio.

Crispy Mo (15g) is made with creamy chocolate and rice crispy pieces. It has an RRP of 55p and is free from dairy, gluten, eggs, and nuts. 

With half of allergy sufferers in the UK regularly missing out on social situations because of their food allergy, and two in five parents of children living with allergies reporting that their child had experienced bullying as a result (Allergy Clinic UK), Nomo claims that Crispy Mo is “more than just a snack, but part of a movement towards inclusivity”.   

Jac Tyrrell, brand manager, says: “Crispy Mo reflects our commitment to inclusivity, ensuring no child misses out on the taste of chocolate. We want to see children with food allergies and intolerances experiencing the same excitement for delicious snacks without having to compromise on taste or safety. We are confident that children – even those without food allergies – will love Little Mo.” 

The launch follows the recent release of Nomo’s Cookie Dough block bar and comes as Nomo leads the free from and vegan chocolate category – now worth £57.8m, +10.4% at 52 weeks YA (Nielsen). Launched in 2019, Nomo is double the size of its nearest competitor, accounting for 16% of the vegan and free from chocolate category – after growing 1.6 percentage points versus the same time last year (ibid). 

The Nomo all year round (AYR) range accounts for the largest portion of sales for the brand and is worth £6.3m, +7.9% YA (ibid), NOMO’s value share of AYR is 13.1%, up from 12.9% YA (ibid).