Source: Nomadic Dairy

Nomadic Dairy has launched Yogurt+, a range of twenty yogurts and yogurt drinks across four formats that are boosted with 100% of an adult’s vitamin D.

Nomadic Dairy Yogurt+ range is comprised of 140g pots (RRP: £1.40); 350g pots (RRP: £2.00); 250ml yogurt drink (RRP: £1.40) and 750ml yogurt drink (RRP: £2.50) which come in natural, vanilla, mango, strawberry and blueberry variants.

Designed to counter what Nomadic calls the ‘D-Deficit’ - the shortfall of Vitamin D in most Briton’s diets - the yogurts are also high in protein, with the naturally healthy qualities of yogurt further boosted by 14 gut-friendly cultures.

Brand manager at Nomadic Dairy Bethan Miles said: “No product can ‘boost’ the immune system. What they can do, however - and this is where Yogurt+ delivers - is meaningfully support it, especially as regards vitamin D deficiency. It’s a fact that many brands base their immune support claims on vitamins which our bodies aren’t deficient in - that’s why vitamin D is our focus. Even before Covid-19, people were focusing in on immunity, so this is clearly a trend that’s got huge value and volume growth potential for the category.”