Cocktail innovator Funkin is bringing the nation’s favourite cocktails to the convenience channel this month with a trio of premium cocktail shakers.

Packaged in Funkin cocktail shakers, the trio includes; Skinny Mojito, Passion Fruit Martini and Strawberry Daiquiri.

Funkin is investing £500k to support the launch, marking the brand’s largest outdoor and digital advertising campaign, which will be amplified with social media, PR, national sampling and in-store activity.

The campaign will appear across the London Underground network with digital panels as well as on Facebook and Spotify, providing consumers with 27m opportunities to see Funkin’s new mixer range and encouraging them to share their cocktail experience using the hashtag #shakerface.

This Funkin innovation breaks down the barriers of creating cocktails at home by providing consumers with the equipment they need—the shaker and the mixer. Shoppers simply need to add spirit and ice, shake and serve.

The three-piece shaker has a measuring cap and measure line to allow for the addition of the precise amount of spirit and a strainer to filter a perfectly chilled cocktail from the ice. Each Funkin shaker makes four cocktails and has an RRP of £4.