Pringles new cans

To celebrate its 30th birthday in the UK, Mr. P, aka Julius Pringles, the moustachioed mascot for Pringles, has undergone his first makeover in 20 years.

Mr. P will now sport a modern emoji-style look, including new eyebrows and red bow tie as well as losing his hair.

Pringles cans have also been given a fresh new look and will now feature new packaging, highlighting Pringles’ range of flavours and the stackable shape.

Florence Kayll from Pringles UK said: “After being Pringles’ loyal mascot for many years, Mr. P has had a well-deserved makeover, in what is his boldest look yet. Mr P’s hair may now be gone but he’s looking more youthful than ever with striking new eyebrows and is of course still sporting his famous, stylish moustache as he celebrates his 30th birthday in the UK.

‘’While Mr. P and the can design have both undergone a transformation, Brits can be confident that there are no changes to the amazing flavour and crunch found inside every Pringles can.”