Premium cordial company Urban Cordial is celebrating its second birthday with a brand refresh for 2019, complete with seasonal variants and new website.

The 500ml range - which includes Apple, Lemon & Fennel, Strawberry & Sage, and Elderflower flavours - is made in London and carries an rrp of  £5 - £6.

The Urban Cordial brand is designed to tap into the growing desire from consumers for non-alcoholic drinks, as people ditch the booze in favour of healthier drinks. The range can be used in mocktails, cocktails, desserts, puddings and cakes.

The brand’s new look includes witty on-pack descriptors and updated cartoon-style imagery. The company is also launching a new winter variant: Apple, Cinnamon & Clove, which will be supported by an online shop and recipe ideas on the new Urban Cordial website.

Natasha Steele, founder of Urban Cordial, said: “This cordial was borne out of sheer frustration at not being able to find a high-quality cordial made using British, seasonal ingredients.

“What started out as a weekend hobby quickly became a full-time job, taking it to farmer’s markets and local food festivals in and around London. Now we’re in our third year, I’m looking to take my brand to the next level in retailers, multiples and department stores, as well as to other, exciting on-trade possibilities.”